Where to start?


Sorry if this post is all about me and my new blog journey. You might be irritated reading a lot of “I”.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Naming anything is not an easy task.

Frantic – conducted in a hurried, excited, and chaotic way, typically because of the need to act quickly.

Frantic because I act quickly when I am excited? I don’t want to sugarcoat myself so I will just be me. Yes, I want to better myself. Constantly upgrading and updating Francis.

Frantin – is my nickname! FRANcis marTIN. Most people know me by this though “Kuya” is far more used nowadays. *I feel so old*.

Making a blog itself is one of my phobias. A lot of what ifs. What if I have grammatically incorrect paragraphs? (which I will promise everyone I will always have!). This is me facing my fears.

While planning this shortly, I was trying to understand myself, what interests do I have?

2017 Interests

  1. Food

Who doesn’t like food? My Dad is our no. 1 chef and I want to cook for my family too! This is one of the things that I want to learn and do.

  1. Fitness

I have tried 2 different gyms with no luck. Maybe writing my journey would make me stick to my workout routine.

  1. Fashion

This is one of my frustrations. I seldom bought clothes for me nor think hard about what to wear.

  1. Finance

After working in 3 different companies, I gathered a lot of knowledge.

  1. Stationary

Papers, pens, planners, etc.

2018 Interests

  1. Music

I love music. I just can’t sing. I don’t know how to play any instrument.

  1. Technology

From hybrid tablets to wearable tech. This is my guilty pleasure.

  1. Travel & Photography

My ultimate dream is to experience the whole world and let everyone understand my journey.

Most of my post will be frantic. You won’t know what direction it shall take. Get ready to be thrilled and annoyed!


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